meet pristine & her creW



Ready to cast off

Aside from being quite a looker, Pristine's a stout 1990 Pacific Seacraft 37 (aka Crealock 37), a boat so well designed and built for bluewater cruising, it's no coincidence a large percentage of circumnavigations have been made in them. We're her third caretakers. After searching for boats like her halfway across the globe, a friend led us to our heart's desire right in our own backyard. We chose to keep the name she came with: Pristine. We're told it refers to seeking pristine waters. We're certainly up for that!


Colin grew up as a fish

Well, almost. Born in Bangor, a seafaring town in Northern Ireland, he moved to San Pedro, California at an early age and immersed himself in surfing and sailing. He later moved to San Francisco, then Oakland where he learned to single-hand his Soling on the Alameda Estuary, and took out his original first mate — his son Aidan.

He joined OCSC, took a lot of classes, chartered boats, raced, and eventually became an instructor for the school he loved so much. He also became a U.S. Sailing certified Keelboat and Cruising instructor and a licensed master. Now that his son's grown and off to maritime school, Captain Colin is ready for whatever the next adventure decides to bring his way. 


Cheyenne had a dream

For most of her life, the idea of sailing off into the sunset felt like a pure fantasy, but she couldn't help indulging. She didn't grow up in one of those 'sailing families,' didn't have a clue how to sail, and could count on one finger the number of sailors she knew. The idea of learning to sail seemed as remote and absurd as learning to be a Kennedy.

Many decades in, the dream had refused to die, and she decided it was time to test it out. Step 1: Decide if she liked sailing. She enrolled in classes at OCSC, and all it took was a rodeo-ride on a J-24 into 20+ knots of wind and four feet of chop to discover that -- Oh yes! -- she adored life on the sea. She doubled down, taking lots more classes, racing, crewing on and chartering boats, sailing multiple times a week, reading sailing stories, learning about diesel engines, weather forecasting and electric systems, getting her USCG captain's license -- and eventually becoming an instructor back at OCSC. Full circle: 5 years. Phew! Now Captain Chey (rhymes with Bligh) is ready to downshift into exploring coasts, cultures and sundowner cocktails. 


It takes a village

The common thread in our stories is OCSC, the sailing school and club we will always be grateful for. OCSC not only gave us the skills, confidence and opportunities to expand our horizons independently, we met there after an evening sail -- an epic beginning to our adventures together on and off the water.

We also owe debts of gratitude to so many people who've helped us enormously over the years. We certainly wouldn't be here without amazingly supportive families, some of the Bay's best racing skippers & crew, Pristine's meticulous previous caretakers and the many beloved friends who came out to play on the water, day after day.